About Dr. Michael Steven Lee

  • Registered Doctor of Chiropactic iwth The Council of Chiropractors of Hong Kong

  • Registered Chiropractor with the Board of Chiropractic Examiners in California, USA

  • Associate Professor for Yunique Wellness Center in Anatomy, Physiology, and Deep Muscle Manual Stimulation Technique, Los Angeles, California

  • Undergraduate work done with the University of California, Irvine

Dr. Lee has been a licensed chiropactic doctor working in private practice in California since 2009. Using his extensive knowledge and skilled hands along with the latest in evidence based medicine, he has been successful in treating a diverse array of patients, from chronic pain sufferers to professional athletes to the elderly.

He believes that an indivualistic approach to healing is paramount in acheiving the most effective and beneficial clinical outcome. Dr. Lee's holistic view and progressive methodology along with the latest in chiropractic medical care leads patients to a greater understanding of their own medical conditions while recieving incomparable care.

In 2014 Dr. Michael Lee decided to bring his expertise to a needy Hong Kong population. In today's fast paced working conditions coupled with an increasingly sedentary

lifestyle the people of hong Kong are uniquely positioned to benefit from his refined knowledge of the human body to assist patients through their wellness journey by optimizing their mental and physical capabilities. With a personally designed program combing low force spinal adjusting techniques, proprietary muscle stimulatory method, physiotherapy techniques, nutrition, and evidence-based functional exercises, Dr. Lee can resolve even the most complicated cases.

Latest Clinic News:


Grand Gala Opening!

July 1, 2016

We are so very proud to be able to offer our services to the Hong Kong, Kowloon, and New Territories. Please take a look at some of the friends and family that came to celebrate with us on our opening day!



Dr. Michael Steven Lee
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We are happy to announce our Grand
Opening as of July 1st, 2016. If you
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